The Culinary heart of Hajé

The kitchen is the heart of every Hajé restaurant. Our cooks use nothing but the freshest and purest ingredients. We always try to avoid artificial products and excessive salt and sugar. We prefer organic ingredients, regional product and honest quality meat. The result? Delicious and honest food, as healthy as possible!

Since 2010, our culinary chef and his team occupy the test kitchen, the culinary heart. Every day they cook the basis for all our meals, following our own recipes. With their expertise, we are able to achieve the highest quality you can expect at all our restaurants. Every day.

The menu

The menu has something for everyone. Naturally, we serve classics like the Hajé kipsaté, our ‘uitsmijter’ meat sandwich with fried eggs and a dame blanche. Besides that we serve a variety of healthy meals. We support the social trend towards healthier food since the foundation of Hajé. We try our best to contribute with healthy choices on the menu.

Our restaurant serve as a resting place along the road, making sure you can continue with new energy. Start you day with a superfood breakfast, take a luxurious spelt sandwich for lunch or enjoy a meal from the Hajé fit menu. There are options for delicious fried sweet potatoes and snack vegetables for every kids meal.

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