For years Hajé has been taking care of travelers in its own unique and innovative ways. Respect for people and the environment have always come first. ‘’My parents followed their heart. You can see the same spirit in our organization.’’ Etienne de Jager tells us. ‘’It’s not about the numbers or results, it’s about your inner feeling. The organization, it has to feel right.’’ Sustainability is a crucial aspect of this.

Our contribution

216 solar panels were placed on the roof of Hajé Nieuwegein in 2015. Durable materials were used for the construction of Hajé Nieuwegein. ‘’It fits right in with our ideas to build the most durable roadside restaurant in the Netherlands. The walls are extremely well insulated. The glass is triple insulated and we have our own biological wastewater treatment.’’ Wouter van Hemert says, referendary of Hajé.

That’s not all! Our green innovations can be found in our webshop, physical shops and in our restaurants where we serve honest and organic products. We have our own organic Hajé coffee, slave free chocolate and personal care products without harmful chemical ingredients or any artificial additions.

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