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Hajé restaurant Natuurpark lies within the centre of nature reserve Lelystad. A very diverse location for a cup of coffee, pastry or a tasty yet healthy lunch. This is the perfect site for parties, gatherings or anniversaries. Not only the restaurant and adjacent rooms are available for meetings, parties and other gatherings, but also ‘de Waterlely’, a truly unique and wonderful building amidst the trees and water. Explore the Nature reserve by foot or join one of many tours through the Flevo-landscape. Afterwards you can settle down on the terrace by the water, take a rest and enjoy the spectacular view of the surrounding wilderness and animals.

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Meeting point in nature

Your lunch or business meeting in the heart of Natuurpark Lelystad is just a five minute ride from the highway. There is no better place imaginable for a business meeting than being surrounded by peaceful wilderness at Natuurpark Lelystad. The restaurant is well suited for receiving your colleagues or business partners. The conference room adjacent to the restaurant can hold a maximum of 20 persons, depending on the configuration. You may choose to include drinks and/or a healthy lunch for the meeting.



Vlotgrasweg 11
8219PP Lelystad

  •  mo – fr

11:00 – 17:00

  •  Saturday

11:00 – 18:00

  •  Sunday

11:00 – 18:00

  •  Phone

088 523 00 21


‘De Waterlely’

‘De Waterlely’ is a very special building. It is a five minute walk away from the restaurant. At first this building was constructed as gazebo. Now the building is known as pavilion ‘De Waterlely’. The building can hold 80 people and has it’s own terrace on the lake. The glass walls offer a spectacular view over the lake and trees of Natuurpark Lelystad. 

‘De Waterlely’ is a fantastic spot for a meeting, a wedding or other parties. Click here for more information about ‘De Waterlely’


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