With nine branches throughout the Netherlands, which all have a very distinctive characteristics, there is a good chance that you know us. Or perhaps you once passed by unnoticing. Hajé Shops, Hotels & Restaurants can usually be found along the main roads throughout the Netherlands. Although some locations are somewhat hidden in the hinterland, surrounded by nature, they are always easily accessible. This makes our restaurants and hotels the perfect location for small and large groups to organize a meeting.

Whether you want to throw a party, organize a group trip or if you are looking for a coffee stop, every Hajé location offers opportunities for group gatherings and business meetings (up to 200 persons!).

Tour operators / bus companies

All Hajé locations are perfect for a coffee break, a lunch or dinner. Naturally, the driver doesn’t pay at Hajé!

Coffee stop at Hajé!

The Hajé branches can be found along the main roads of the Netherlands or in the beautiful hinterland. An excellent stop for a coffee break!

We apply special rates for tour operators and bus companies. These rates are only valid for a group larger than 25 persons.

Coffee Tea

One cup of coffee / tea with a ‘gevulde koek’ 

Two cups of coffee / tea with a ‘gevulde koek’ 

One cup of coffee / tea with muffin 

Two cups of coffee / tea with muffin

One cup of coffee / tea with pastries 

Two cups of coffee / tea with pastries

Hajé lunch

You can visit Hajé for lunch with larger groups. Depending on the location, we serve your luxurious lunch at the table or serve a lunch buffet. Including a wide range to choose from among which Hajé soup buffet, luxury sandwiches with various types of fillings. Hot and cold drinks are included in the price such as coffee, tea, milk and orange juice.

Hajé lunch at table or lunch buffet 

Hajé dinner to go or as a conclusion of your trip? view our complete menu!

Hajé 2-course dinner 

Hajé 3-course dinner 

Hajé buffet from

Passing the night for groups

Every year we receive many organized group trips. We not only provide bed & breakfast, but can contribute to a complete program, including visits to the most beautiful sights in the area. Because we cooperate with many local entrepreneurs, we can provide tour operators and bus companies with great tips!

More information?

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